In fiscal year 2014, TechSoup Global served more organizations than ever before and added depth and breadth to our program offerings. We also continued to develop and cultivate new partnerships and new ways to leverage our technology platform. The highlights below demonstrate the many ways that TechSoup Global provides hundreds of thousands of organizations and millions of individuals across the globe with the technology, resources, and connections they need to strengthen their work within civil society.

TechSoup Global is able to empower and accelerate the impact of global civil society thanks to over 100 corporate partners that offer donated and discounted technology. We are also grateful for the ongoing support and partnership of the foundation sector, which has enabled us to invest resources in creating innovative programs and services that build on our core donation program. Highlights that demonstrate the great work that has been rooted in these partnerships include:

The backbone of TechSoup Global is the TechSoup Global Network — a 58-partner-strong network of NGOs that share the belief that technology is an enabler of social change. Together, we offer programs and services that are rooted within the local context, customs, and language across 112 countries. Some highlights within our network include:

With its global database of over 600,000 registered organizations, TechSoup Global continues to expand its validation services for an increasing range of philanthropic initiatives. Validation services allow us to verify that a local organization meets the set of requirements to be recognized as a nonprofit or charity within its specific country. This allows our corporate and foundation partners to rest assured that the NGOs in our database have been vetted by our team of international experts in accordance with accepted standards.

Additionally, TechSoup Global is beginning to roll out new technology that allows us to further focus on streamlined and integrated validation services. For example, in FY 2014 we enhanced and expanded our existing validation programs, enabling us to establish new partnerships and roll out new programs.

TechSoup Global is moving forward in its role as an innovator and thought leader in the sector. Through convenings and community-centered design, we have delivered apps for social good as well as engaging and informative on-the-ground initiatives. Highlights that demonstrate our range of innovations include:

TechSoup Global has cultivated a vast community, both online and in person. Our online community interacts, shares, and informs via forums, webinars, social media, NetSquared, and the By the Cup newsletter. Although we have a strong online community, we also have an expansive and global on-the-ground network that is spearheaded by NetSquared. Our on- and offline communities collaborate to bring a cohesive experience to all of our users and supporters. Our community is highlighted in the following articles: