In FY2016, TechSoup became truly global, able to serve organizations in 236 countries and territories around the world. We developed new technology services and offers beyond our renowned product donation program; we also made it easier for others to offer and access programs through our trusted platform. The stories highlighted in this Year in Review demonstrate the diverse ways TechSoup works to equip, empower, convene, and transform civil society through technology – and how we are laying the groundwork for exciting future growth.

In collaboration with 66 independent partner organizations that comprise the TechSoup Global Network, we provide eligible NGOs with needed software, hardware, services, and training. Some 100 leading technology companies donated more than US$1.3 billion in technology capacity-building resources in FY2016 alone.

TechSoup offers a variety of validation services to make it easier to give resources and products to the more than 760,000 (and growing!) registered NGOs in our database. These enable an increasingly diverse set of donors – socially responsible corporations, multinationals, and government agencies – to determine if an organization is eligible for donations, and integrate with the data and systems to support giving programs.

In the same way that one organization is not single-handedly responsible for ending world hunger, homelessness, or domestic violence, we believe that NGOs need access to a supportive online and offline community to help solve organizational challenges. Beyond access to tools and resources, TechSoup helps connect organizations to partners and collaborators to foster peer learning through NGO directories, meetups, forums, social media, and more.

Technology changes constantly. So do organizations’ technology needs. With TechSoup, NGOs around the world find the information they need to make smart decisions about how to choose and use technology resources to achieve their missions.

Civil society organizations must be innovative if we are to solve pressing social problems. TechSoup provides both the digital platforms and in-person experiences that enable people to work together toward a more equitable world.