Our Cisco donation was the best solution possible for us. Before this, if an Internet connection went down, tough luck. Now we have the safeguards we need.

Fiscal Year 2016

Total value to the sector US$960M
Donation requests processed 234,095
Donated licenses processed 1,719,119
Organizations served 133,903
New organizations served 64,175
Countries and territories served 236
TechSoup Global Network partners 66
Visits to TechSoup Global Network websites 8,018,655
785K subscribers to 39 newsletters in 17 languages

The ED [Equivalency Determination] gave a very high level of credibility with our partners, in the government of Pakistan, and Provincial government of Balochistan.

Since Inception

Cumulative value to the sector US$6.7B
Organizations registered in global database 761,432
Donation requests processed 1,567,049
Donated licenses processed 17,236,133

Boost is a great way for a nonprofit to maximize all of the great things that TechSoup offers. Simply put, it makes an awesome product even better.


For an arts organization rooted in community like us, Creative Suite is an invaluable resource that allows us to deliver quality content to our Flickr album, and graphics for our print and web collateral, which helps us keep our audience and community engaged.

Intersection for the Arts
San Francisco

I showed the Range app to our school nurse and she was amazed, as was I. The app not only drops a pin to show where needed resources are, but also the days/times that families can access them.

Dan Beatty
Caldwell County Schools, North Carolina

We're saving the uncertainty and expense of hiring an external bookkeeper … Having QuickBooks as a resource at a great discounted rate through TechSoup is extremely helpful … Without QuickBooks, I don't know what we would have done.

Veronika Kvon
Business in the Streets, Toronto

We use Microsoft Access for our database, and we use PowerPoint on screens around the church to announce church activities. A single laptop runs all the screens. We also publish a thousand church bulletins each week that we create with Microsoft Publisher.

Eric Hom
Saint Raymond Catholic Church

The most important aspect of NetSquared for me is making a family of tech-practicing individuals from all corners of the world who are able to accept each other without any discrimination based on color or disability, and are able to work together as a team of experts.

This webinar was extremely helpful. Now I'm excited to get into the trainings and to check out other products available. I'm a TechSoup webinar follower now.

Anne Milan Ali
Families for Families, Los Angeles

TransparenCEE network meetings are connecting practitioners from around the region, no matter if it is a large event or a smaller meetup. They always allow ideas to flow, issues to be easily solved, and the community to come together over discussions supported by the best local food and drink.