In FY 2018, TechSoup evolved its infrastructure to serve NGOs more holistically and improve how global philanthropy extends its reach around the world. TechSoup continued to deliver innovative, scalable technology solutions that match a broad spectrum of resources with social sector needs across the globe. Through TechSoup's NGO Tech Marketplace, Global Validation and Data Services, Apps4Good, and Global Network, it has connected NGOs to critical resources, built impactful solutions, and facilitated knowledge sharing across continents.

In FY 2018, the TechSoup Global Network offered hyperlocal expertise through its shared global infrastructure. The 70 independent NGO network partners around the world are trained and experienced in nonprofit validation. Together, TechSoup and its partners provide NGOs with highly customized, effective, and location-specific services in 39 languages. Powered by shared values, standards, and systems, the leadership of this network and its strategic thinking are unparalleled.
Around the world, TechSoup supports a variety of issue-facing technology products that help communities achieve their objectives. TechSoup is often sought out to close the liminal space between a big-picture vision and the ability to execute by facilitating design sessions and developing technology interventions. From improving access to public transit in Brazil to combatting the spread of disinformation in Eastern Europe, our work in FY 2018 has helped ensure that the best of these tools and educational resources are accessible around the globe.
Resulting from decades of outreach and programmatic activity through the TechSoup Global Network, TechSoup has built a community of more than 1 million NGOs around the globe. Coupled with a platform that engages NGOs in 236 countries and territories, TechSoup has continued to connect the best offers, services, and resources with its global community. In FY 2018, TechSoup reached key milestones and evolved to support deepened engagement between the global philanthropic community and TechSoup's global community of NGOs.
In FY 2018, TechSoup optimized new technologies and educational courses, designed specifically to support NGOs on their unique journeys toward digital transformation. Alongside partners like Microsoft, Adobe, Intuit, and Cisco, TechSoup evolved its core technology-donation program to include new wraparound consultation and recommendation services. TechSoup continued to leverage the power of its global network to connect NGOs with tailored resources so they can optimize their use of new technologies and more readily accomplish their missions.