The TechSoup network is incredible because there’s so much dispersed knowledge about nonprofits in every country all over the world, and for us to be able to become experts in that way is impossible.

Fiscal Year 2018

Total value to the sector US$1.995B
Donation requests processed 275K
Donated licenses processed 2.059M
Organizations served 159K
New organizations served 41K
Countries and territories served 236
TechSoup Global Network partners 70
889,888 subscribers to 45 newsletters in 20 languages

We’re absolutely delighted to be part of the TechSoup Global Network, having been one of the first partners to join. Sharing knowledge with our compatriots across the globe has helped us to develop numerous new paths to helping nonprofits in the UK, which has made a real difference. We’re dedicated to the network and are happy that we can play a part in bringing global campaigns through to the audience that we know the best, here in the UK.

Since Inception

Cumulative value to the sector US$10.7B worth of technology and financial resources have been enabled by TechSoup and its global network
TechSoup Global Network partners 70
Organizations registered in global database 1,040,000
Countries and territories served 236
Donation requests processed 2,098,000
Donated licenses processed 21,145,000

Our organization runs an information lab, where 150 students takes daily free classes. We are located in a group of nine favelas, where an estimate of forty thousand families reside in a very vulnerable environment. Over time, we've graduated hundreds of people in basic and advanced courses. Without the donation program from TechSoup Brasil, the acquisition of proper licensing to start up this information lab would have been nearly impossible. Thanks to this program, we've been able to change the lives of many people.


TechSoup’s partnership with Symantec has enabled us to expand the scale and impact of our software donation program to nonprofits worldwide. Our security software and innovative technology protects and benefits organizations supporting the diverse needs of communities around the world. Thanks to TechSoup, we can trust that our technology philanthropy program reaches valid nonprofits and meets our CSR goals.

Cecily Joseph
Vice President for Corporate Responsibility

When you take the time to look at what TechSoup offers, it all of a sudden provides you with the tools and resources that big, for-profit companies have that you otherwise couldn’t afford... It's certainly enabled us to be much more focused on our program and on the youth that we serve, rather than the administrative work that we have to do.

Brian Buntz
Dream Volunteers, USA

Having the equivalency determination has made it possible for Hivos to attract funding from U.S. foundations. This is important for donor diversification of our work, so Hivos does not depend on just one type of donor, which greatly benefits the sustainability of the organisation and its work.

Anja Panjwani
Program Officer
Hivos, Netherlands

We've been part of the TSGN for 10 years. We remain committed to this partnership because it has allowed us to bring technology donations to our local nonprofit community and provide services to raise digital inclusion over the years.

Frontier Foundation, Taiwan

As Pledge 1% members, we selected TechSoup to implement many aspects of our product pledge, and they helped us to create our international product donation and discount programs. The TechSoup Global Network has enabled DocuSign IMPACT to support the communities where our customers and employees live and work around the world.

Amy Skeeters-Behrens

NetSquared offers me a face-to-face space where I can connect with like-minded peers, help build my skills and creates a community... I feel less alone and more connected because of NetSquared events.

Chad Leaman
Director, Innovation
Neil Squire Society, Canada

We are thrilled to leverage our Pledge 1% funds to support TechSoup build a resilient volunteer tool for disaster response. Beyond grant funding, our partnership together means that more social impact organizations get access to technology to create impact at scale.

Erika Balbuena
Twilio (a funder of Caravan Studios, a division of TechSoup)

By the end of 2017, our team grew rapidly and we were having productivity problems with the new amount of information. With Google for Nonprofits, we were able to greatly increase our productivity and the quality of our internal processes, all at no cost. As a result of these improvements, we have obtained financial support for our project that aims to teach programming for high school students and thus encourage them to enter exact graduations.

Giovani Guimarães
Fab Lab Belém, Brazil

Okta for Good's mission is to strengthen the connections between people, technology, and community. In 2016, we joined Pledge 1% to solidify our commitment to direct our time, product, and equity to the community. TechSoup plays a key role in supporting our product pledge by validating our global product donation requests and acting as a content collaboration partner — helping us find ways to share how identity can power easier and more secure experiences for nonprofits.

Erin Baudo Felter
Executive Director
Okta for Good

The new software is used at the locations of the BrainBasket Fund activities in the rural communities. With its help, children are learning to program in the visual environment Scratch and adults are learning the basics of computer literacy. Using licensed software allows us to devote more time to training rather than spending time setting up software and solving technical errors that often occur in unlicensed versions.

Kateryna Andreyeva
BrainBasket Fund projects, Ukraine

We’ve been part of the TechSoup Global Network for 11 years. We remain committed to this partnership because of the values and standards that are shared across the network. Building on this shared vision and the TSGN global infrastructure, we have been able to support Spanish NGOs with products and services for their digital transformation which is so important to address the challenges our society faces nowadays.

ILUNION Tecnología y Accesibilidad, Spain