In FY 2020, TechSoup, like many organizations, transitioned to a remote workforce, in order to continue serving NGOs more holistically and improve how global philanthropy extends its reach around the world. As the world grappled with the significant implications of the COVID-19 pandemic, TechSoup maintained a vital role in connecting NGOs, corporations, foundations, and others committed to serving our communities. Through its NGO Tech Marketplace, Global Validation and Data Services, Apps4Good, and Global Network, TechSoup has connected NGOs to critical resources, built impactful solutions, and facilitated the sharing of knowledge across continents. The stories highlighted in this Year in Review demonstrate the diverse ways in which TechSoup works to equip, empower, convene, and transform civil society through technology — and laying the groundwork for not just rebuilding, but strengthening civil society through digital transformation.

In FY 2020, the 61 independent TechSoup Global Network partners around the world provided NGOs with highly customized, effective, and location-specific services in 39 languages. This resilient network pivoted quickly to meet the needs of organizations dealing with the pandemic by offering education, resources, and training for remote work. Powered by shared values, standards, and systems, the network is built on the hyperlocal expertise of its members — making the network’s reach and relevance unparalleled. Committed to continuing this significant impact, the TechSoup Global Network works to develop next-generation programs and services to enable digital transformation for all NGOs.
Around the world, TechSoup supports a variety of issue-facing technology products that help communities achieve their objectives. TechSoup is often sought out to close the liminal space between a big-picture vision and the ability to execute by facilitating design sessions and developing technology support. TechSoup helped U.S. families access food resources during the pandemic. Human rights efforts were aided through an app to aid migrant workers. TechSoup also worked to combat the spread of disinformation in Eastern Europe. This work in FY 2020 has helped make the best of these tools and educational resources accessible around the globe.
Through decades of outreach and programmatic activity across the TechSoup Global Network, TechSoup has built a community of more than 1.3 million NGOs around the globe. Coupled with a platform that engages NGOs in 236 countries and territories, TechSoup continues to connect offers, services, and resources with its global community. As FY 2020 presented significant challenges for the nonprofit sector, corporations and funders looked to partner with TechSoup to enable new initiatives to aid organizations in dealing with the pandemic. Through these opportunities, TechSoup continues to forge deeper engagement between the global philanthropic community and NGOs around the world.
In FY 2020, TechSoup supported NGOs in their immediate need to move their operations to the cloud as a result of the pandemic. Optimized new technologies, educational courses, and consultation services — such as email and data migration — helped NGOs globally move to remote and cloud-based work. Alongside partners like Microsoft, Adobe, Okta, Zoom, and Cisco, the TechSoup Global Network provided a marketplace ready to facilitate the digital transformation of NGOs across the world.