In a rapidly changing, increasingly complex world, the needs for community-based organizations to maximize secure collaboration continued to grow throughout fiscal year 2022. TechSoup enabled and advocated for improvements in global philanthropy. Through our NGO Tech Marketplace, Global Validation and Data Services, Apps4Good, and the TechSoup Global Network, we connected NGOs to critical resources, built impactful solutions, and facilitated the sharing of knowledge and key learning opportunities across continents. More than two years into the global pandemic, we deepened our offerings and insights for civil society organizations so that they can create change, build more resilience, and do more good. These highlights share how TechSoup equips, empowers, convenes, and activates changemakers to lead in their digital transformation so that they may improve lives.

In the last fiscal year, the 63 independent TechSoup Global Network (TSGN) partners provided NGOs with highly customized, effective, and location-specific services and technology solutions in 39 languages. This extensive global network helps NGOs find, create, and use technology in order to do more good in their communities. Meanwhile, individual TSGN partners continued to advocate for philanthropic systems change (such as allocating financial resources dedicated to small NGOs in the global south) that can allow the positive changes the NGOs they serve seek to take root at scale. This resilient network continued to meet the needs of organizations dealing with the pandemic and a large refugee influx by offering education, resources, and training for remote work, providing short videos, and hosting more live online events than ever before. Powered by shared values, standards, and systems, the network is built on the hyperlocal expertise of its members — making the network’s reach and relevance unparalleled. Committed to continuing this significant impact, we continue to work to develop next-generation programs and services to enable digital transformation for all NGOs.
TechSoup continues to ensure that civil society has access to more purpose-built applications. We work to showcase, advocate for, and in some cases help develop products that people are building for social benefit. In fiscal year 2022, we took a deeper interest in supporting people who build low and even no code solutions. We did this through our Public Good App House event series in which developers, makers, and changemakers from all sectors feature purpose-built solutions. We also brought new offers, such as Twilio, into our marketplace to support the next generation of developers with tools they need to integrate communications into solutions. We documented our design methodology for teams to engage communities to generate, select, and design applications around issues. The TechSoup Global Network has applied this to topics such as food security, shelter for domestic violence survivors, support for aging populations, protection for the rights of workers in construction and hospitals, and for the identification of war crimes.
Through decades of outreach and programmatic activity across the TechSoup Global Network (TSGN), we have built a community of more than 1.4 million NGOs around the globe. Coupled with a platform that engages NGOs in 236 countries and territories, we continue to connect offers, services, and resources with its global community. In fiscal year 2022, organizations around the world began to emerge from the challenges of the pandemic to find new sets of problems to solve — both in their communities and in terms of how they themselves operate. In response, we continue to build new partnerships while developing improved data and validation services in order to support the unique needs of the global NGO sector. Through these opportunities, we are forging deeper engagement between the global philanthropic community and NGOs around the world.
In fiscal year 2022, TechSoup supported nonprofit organizations in advancing every stage of their digital transformation journey so that they can do more good. Driven by the belief that all can use technology to better serve their communities, we continue to introduce new technologies, educational courses, and consultation services — such as website development, HubSpot deployment, and digital marketing — in order to help NGOs globally move to and excel with remote and cloud-based work. In collaboration with partners like Microsoft, Adobe, Okta, Zoom, and Cisco, the TechSoup Global Network provides a best-in-class technology marketplace ready to serve the technology needs of NGOs across the world.